OS Secure Ecommerce Control Desk

Oakley Studio clients log in to a Secure Ecommerce Control Desk to monitor sales and fulfill orders, add product descriptions, edit text and upload images to their web site, adjust inventories, pricing, shipping rates and options.
With the OS Secure Ecommerce module, your Control Desk is the heart of your online business.

How people purchase goods and services is changing. A relentless trend is underway that shows no signs of stopping -- ever more people are buying on the Web.

At Oakley Studio our core specialty is creating secure online shopping web sites for home based and small businesses.

We create distinctive web sites that build trust with your customers, who will welcome the opportunity to buy your products and services online with their credit cards. The convenience and simplicity for both buyer and seller is plain to see; so the principle task of your online storefront is to present your offerings in a uniquely inviting and attractive manner, and ensure that the purchasing process flows effortlessly to its Secure Modular Web Site Management - OS Control Deskmost satisfying conclusion. Along the way, your clients and customers will have every assurance that their privacy is respected and that their personal information is safe and secure.

Our customizable OS Secure Ecommerce module for small business addresses all these essential needs and is the affordable solution for organizations just getting started in online sales.

Contact Oakley Studio to learn more about our exclusive "OS Control Desk" approach to web site management and successful online selling.

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