Why Macs Are a Great Choice for Small Business

Oakley Studio is an all-Mac business. We use Apple Macintosh computers for web site design, and until just a few years ago we’ve used Mac OS X servers to ensure the security of all ecommerce transactions on our client websites. Did you know: “Macs” are what the US military chooses when they need secure servers!

Everyone knows Apple Macintosh computers cost more, right? And they are worth it. Turns out the tight integration between hardware and software — design and function — truly is Apple’s secret sauce. Apple’s legendary ease-of-use, superb customer service, store availability, network security, and their great creativity and productivity apps all work together to make Macs great for small business.

You don’t need an IT department to keep your Macs running. Operating system and applications updates are simple, and because they are so well built they last for years. My desktop Mac, at 10 years old, is beginning to show it’s age. And when you take advantage of the “Apple ecosystem” you have easy access to your files on iCloud from all your devices — from Apple desktop computers to your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Let us extoll the virtues of Mac…

Intuitive user interface. When you learn how to do something in one app, you discover the same thing works in most other apps too. 

All Macs are audio/video ready for online videoconferencing, with your clients or with your webmaster. Welcome to the 21st century.

Apps for Macs are vetted, reviewed, and attractively priced at the “App Store” and super easy to download and install.

The Apple iCloud ecosystem syncs bookmarks, email settings, contacts, passwords, and all your files, across all your devices.

These are just a few of the reasons we love our Macs, and why we recommend them for both business and personal use. Your webmaster can provide additional coaching and training in how to make the most of your Macs in your business and the rest of your life.



We maintain a business-class internet connection (provided by a top-level business-to-business network provider) into our secure server facility, powered entirely by solar electricity with a beefy battery backup. Our primary and secondary DNS service ensures global availabilty for your domain. In addition Oakley Studio provides certified SSL encrypted connections for end-to-end security across the internet, available to you for critical private data transmission (your customer names and addresses, product and service ordering and fulfillment, financial and/or credit card data, and your private corporate intranet).

We also provide the domain name email services that help you build and maintain your relationships with a diverse online community of customers, vendors, employees and associates. Use our automated email, mailing list tools and schedulers, web contact and submission forms, and message customization, to orchestrate seamless email communications and reinforce your domain name identity with every message you send. Our email server uses state-of-the-art graylisting to block 90% of the crap from spammers and zombie nets and filter out the PC viruses so your Inbox is not cluttered with junk.

We encourage hands-on management of your web site to whatever degree you are comfortable with. We also recognize you have your own business to run, which is why web site hosting is normally done by outside experts. Our “Oakley Secure Control Desk” enables you to do site updating yourself with unique page building and editing tools to keep the task as simple and easy as possible. Like most small business owners, you may not want to manage the day-to-day tasks of hosting and updating a business-class web site on your own equipment, or through your own ISP. That’s not your job; after all, you’ve got a business to run!

Which is why our clients rely on Oakley Studio to manage these complex operational details. We’ll do all the web page coding and the more advanced techniques for adding dynamic interactivity or customized database access, whenever your site needs an occasional update to keep advancing your business online. Your expertise is in running your business; ours is in making your site look terrific, and pacing its evolution with the growth of your business.

For a complete guide to the hosting, email, ecommerce and site management services we provide, please see our Pricing page.