Email is an important part of your online advertising/marketing efforts. All Oakley Studio web sites include an Email Lists module and simplified autoresponder* in your OS Control Desk. Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Always use a permission-based email marketing system such as that provided by Send email only to people who have opted-in to your list.
  2. Decide on the type of content you will be sending such as a newsletter, coupon offers, special announcements, training, sales messages, etc… and stick to that type of content.
  3. Add signup forms to your blog or web site so that you can start converting web site visitors into subscribers.
  4. Email - Successful MarketingCreate a good email template using’s HTML Editor. Your site manager can create a template, you can select from a pre-formatted template in your back office, or you can have Oakley Studio create a custom template for a nominal charge.
  5. Develop quality relevant content and begin sending your message out to your list. Continue sending relevant content to your list, making sure to keep your schedule consistent. As your list grows, you will begin to notice increased repeat traffic to your web site (and/or place of business) which should bring increased sales.
  6. Use personalization in your subject lines and content to improve open and response rates in your email marketing. This is accomplished by inserting tokens in to your body message as you create your messages in the HTML Editor.
  7. Remind your subscribers to add your email address to their approved senders list. As major ISP’s are becoming increasingly aggressive about filtering email, you’ll want to be sure your subscribers can receive your messages. You can accomplish this by adding a reminder to your subscription confirmation pages, such as: To ensure you receive the requested information, please to your Address Book. Thank you!

* Not sure what an autoresponder is? Basically it’s an email list that automatically sends a series of pre-written email messages to all new subscribers. Everyone joining your list will receive the same series of emails. The first message is sent immediately and is typically a welcome message. Other messages in the series can be scheduled ahead of time so that each email arrives one or more days after the previous email. This is powerful marketing! If you are not yet using Email Lists in your OS Control Desk and want to know more about it, get in touch with us for an intro tutorial.