The more lively WordPress blogs around the internet develop a community of regular visitors participating in ongoing conversations in the comments section of every post.  You’ll often see small “thumbnail” images representing each person as they add comments. Those little pictures are, most likely, gravatars. A gravatar is a single image you associate with your unique email address. With regular use, your Gravatar becomes an online brand identity; your comments become easily recognizable because of your picture next to them.

How to make a gravatar:


Start by visiting the Gravatar web site. Submit your email address, upload a picture, you’re done!

In other words, it is really really simple to associate an image with your email address. Do you have a nice portrait of yourself that you want others to see? Make it your gravatar!

Here are some tips to help you choose a good one.

  1. Remember that regardless of the size of image you upload, gravatar images are very small, so pick an image that holds up well when it’s shrunk down to a very small size.
  2. Tame BearIt doesn’t need to be a picture of you — it could be anything. But realize that people like having conversations with other “characters” (rather than flowers, sailboats, sunsets or cityscapes). If you use something other than your own portrait, make it friendly. I used a portrait of an old teddy bear for my experimental “Tame Bear” weblog. That image has become a brand identity for my writing on a variety of subjects and I use the same image on Twitter.
  3. Click the “Show Avatars” option in your WordPress Dashboard (see Settings > Discussion ) so that your own gravatar and everyone elses will show up in the comments following your posts and pages.