Oakley Studio is certainly not known as the Walmart of web site hosting — we provide a very secure, expertly managed, bandwidth unlimited web and email hosting service for small businesses, with a consulting webmaster on call at all hours. We offer the experience and professional coaching that other larger companies are unable to provide because they are focused on only one thing — hosting.

Commodity Web Hosting

Over the years, web site hosting has become a commodity, with pure hosting companies in a race for the bottom, all hoping to underbid their competitors and make up the difference on volume.

With more and more faceless domain name registrars getting into the web site hosting business, domain slamming (registrars attempting to steal business from other registrars) has become rampant. The large commodity hosting companies that offer $5 per month or less for hosting are hoping you won’t notice if your page delivery is excessively slow, or that your site has been hacked and defaced by spammers, or your passwords compromised, and they are not interested in helping you become a more informed customer. They host on cheap off-brand Linux or Windows boxes with little regard for server security, they rack up web sites by the thousands, they strain hardware to the breaking point, and they don’t particularly care if your site is offline for a week or a month at a time.

Small Is Beautiful

Dollars and CentsBy contrast, the Oakley Studio mission is to offer a complete quality web & email service to a discriminating clientele. We take pride in knowing you and your business personally. We charge appropriately for our infrastructure and expertise. We are a boutique provider that works to deliver the best possible service tailored to a relatively small number of clients.

And with all that, we’re always interested in finding ways to deliver reliable service at lower cost, and where we are able to save money, we happily pass on those savings to our clients.

Lower Prices

We’ve started 2014 with the biggest price drop ever in the history of this firm. Prices for all levels of hosting are 25-30% lower, and threshold bandwidth levels have been increased. (Visit our Pricing page for all the details.) We hope you appreciate these reduced costs and are able to leverage the savings to build your own business in new ways this year.

What are your dreams and plans for the future? How can Oakley Studio be more involved in shaping your online presence and helping you exploit all aspects of the internet to benefit your business? We want to hear from you, and we look forward to working with you in 2014.