Imagine the President of the United States is making an appearance in your neighborhood, to give a short speech and present an award of some kind to an innovative leader in your community. Aware that he is coming, you request in advance to meet with him in person, to pitch him on your own small business idea, a plan that will help thousands of people start and run their own internet-based businesses, and teach others to do the same.

President ObamaImagine it is now the day of his arrival, and you just got word two hours ago that the President has agreed to meet with you. And you will have just 30 seconds to make your pitch.

What Will You Say?

This is what happened to me yesterday when President Barack Obama was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I happen to be spending a month-long sabbatical to work on the affiliate program for my business. Yes, the President agreed to meet with me, in a room at the Rancho Viejo community center, under the bright lights of media and the close scrutiny of the Secret Service, surrounded by about a hundred of my neighbors in the middle of this nice housing development in the foothills south of Santa Fe.

And you know what? I gave the speech of my life, with heart and feeling, and didn’t go one moment beyond my 30 seconds. President Obama was right there next to me, smiling, upbeat, nodding his head, taking in every word. And when I was done, he said “Mr Oakley, that sounds like a terrific plan. Count me in.” And everybody in the room cheered.

Meeting the President

Yes, I really am in Santa Fe for the entire month, where Patricia and I are housesitting for friends who have gone off on a month-long trip to Europe. I am indeed devoting a good amount of time this month (when I am not hiking and biking the trails and seeing the sights in and around Santa Fe) to focus on this special project for my Oakley Studio Web Sites business.

But that meeting with President Obama yesterday? That was actually a dream I had last night, and I don’t quite remember all the details of the 30-second “elevator pitch” I gave with him standing there next to me. But I can give you the essence of it.


I operate a “boutique” web site design and hosting firm for a couple dozen clients, providing top-tier hosting on a managed server at an attractive price point. My web and email servers are housed at a secure data facility with huge bandwidth, so traffic is never limited. And I focus on secure ecommerce so I can help my clients get their home-based businesses up and running. Web site hosting starts at just $10 a month.

I am now developing an affiliate program for the hosting side of my business, so that my clients can turn their monthly web site expense into an ongoing residual income stream. This will allow new bloggers, internet marketers, and small business owners to earn back their initial web site startup costs and begin seeing positive cashflow while their business gets under way.

That’s my 30-second elevator pitch. For more details, click through to our Affiliates page.

Oakley Studio Web Sites are built on the WordPress platform, with all the plugins necessary to begin building an email list, setting up autoresponder messages, and selling products and services online. Oakley Studio, LLC is a home-based business serving home-based businesses, and we use all the same tools for our business that we recommend to our clients. If you are new to WordPress, our training is one-on-one, personalized, and Skype-based, so you can get the help you need to quickly learn your way around the WordPress “dashboard” to build and manage a site that will grow as your business grows.

Our startup OS WordPress package includes

  • • domain name registration or renewal
  • • web site and email setup on our servers, and
  • • five+ hours of one-on-one personalized tutorials with your webmaster to get you up and running fast!

Normally you’d pay $298 for these services… this package is just $224 complete, and saves you $74. Check it out on our Pricing Page.