This article explains Oakley Studio “Staging” sites, “Live” sites, our OS WordPress training, and the close connection between website hosting and email service. We also explain how our package pricing works.

Staging Site – One Month Free

Your Staging website is for building a new WordPress site. While your site is “staging,” you’ll get Plugins all configured, Themes tested and customized and have friends and associates come and take a look before your site goes live. Your Staging site costs just $10 per month… and the first month is free.

Live Site – One Month Free

Once your site is ready to go Live,” just let us know and we’ll clone it to our production server. Your Live domain name website hosting starts at just $14 per month, and again the first month is free.

Oakley Studio offers up to TWO MONTHS of free website hosting…
• One month FREE hosting for your Staging site.
• One month FREE hosting when your site goes Live.

You can take as long as you need to build out your website. Some sites take longer than others to get everything just right. That’s fine. Maybe you only have weekends to work on it. Or if you’re a nit-picky perfectionist (that’s me), take all the time you like. Your Staging site is just $10 per month.

And once your site goes Live, you will still have a Staging site to test out new plugins, try new themes, test various settings, etc.

Are You a New WordPress User?

If you want help along the way, that’s what your webmaster is here for. Call, text, or email to get some help. And if you’re not familiar with WordPress already, hopefully you make note of that in our Signup process and pay for some initial coaching for a big discount at the front end. We appreciate that because it helps lighten the load on our free customer support.

Or a Jedi Master?

On the other hand you may be a WordPress Jedi Master and can get your new website constructed, outfitted, and running cool within just a few days or weeks. That’s fine too.

When your domain name website goes Live, your monthly cost is for Level 1Starter website hosting for $14… and the first month is free.

Automatic Billing Setup

After your first month, you’ll be asked to set up automatic billing. Log in to Oakley Studio using the same login credentials as your own website, and visit our Billing page to get monthly automated billing taken care of and you won’t need to bother with it again for awhile. (You will need to do this setup again if your website advances to a new Level, or if your credit card expires.)

NOTE: Our Flex Billing allows us to include any optional add-ons you’ve selected, such as additional domain names, multiple web sites, secure digital certificates, more email addresses, special backups, etc. We are a concierge service and are happy to be able to provide a menu of optional services with flexible billing.

Email Accounts

Like website hosting service, email service is closely tied to domain names. At Oakley Studio we manage both of these services for you. Domain name email is coool — and generally considered very professional. Domain name email promotes your web site address with every message you send. The username you choose during Signup will become your professional domain name email address: something like “”

All Oakley Studio hosting packages include up to 5 different email addresses for various uses. Like “” for an auto-reply that sends a “More Info” page or a marketing offer. Or “” for incoming support ticket notifications. Use a “” address for sending notifications to clients or customers. And use “” for sending email newsletters or important updates.

Just let us know what additional usernames you’d like to have and we’ll set up the email accounts for you. If you need more than 5, it’s just $2 per additional email address. You can have your domain name email addresses configured to “forward” to any other email address. We recommend forwarding to a Gmail account because when you Reply to an incoming message to one of your domain name addresses, Gmail will use that domain name email as the ReplyTo address for your message.

Hosting Levels and Site Monetization

After the second month, your website cost is based on traffic, or more technically, how much “data” your site is sending to visitors. Oakley Studio hosting is based on your monthly data rate. It may take a while for your site to advance from Level 1 to Level 2 or Level 3 hosting. Not all websites need loads of traffic to thrive and achieve the goals you set for your online presence. That’s just fine.

However if you are a marketing ninja, maybe your website moves up another Level each month before finding it’s natural level. Hopefully by Level 4 you’ve figured out how to monetize your site — maybe with an assist from our Affiliate Program — and perhaps you’re able to recover all your costs!  It takes just three referrals to recoup your monthly hosting cost.

In our experience, break-even and in-profit clients are the best Oakley Studio clients because when you no longer have to worry about your hosting costs we know you’ll be happy to remain with us for years.

We want to see you succeed! Level 5 thru Level 7 are for when your site begins generating steady income.

Level 8 and Level 9 are for our premier client websites. At these levels, your site gets it’s own Oakley Studio dedicated server. Consider yourself a real PRO.