Are you a graphic designer? Are you a website designer? Are you a WordPress CSS designer? If you are, I am delighted to meet you! Let’s work together!

Back in the early days of this business, I wanted to do everything. I did all the website design for my clients. I managed domain names and renewals. I maintained web and email servers, designed and built databases, did software updates, security checks, the whole thing. Web Design Thumbnails - Keep the creative, outsource the technicalIt’s fun to be a jack-of-all-trades and get to do it all. Mostly my clients loved it because I was able to solve their challenging problem — getting a new website up and running — using a mix of design and technical skills.

A Boutique Business

Trying to do it all is fun, but it’s not a great way to grow a business. When I’m doing it all, sometimes I become the bottleneck. I only have so much time and I can only help a few clients at a time. When I get too busy, other clients have to wait. Consequently, Oakley Studio has for most of it’s 20 years been a boutique business — a great service to a select (small) number of clients.

Feeling stretched, I didn’t advertise and as a result my business didn’t grow much at all. For years.

The website hosting brought in a steady but modest revenue. Because I delivered a reliable service, client turnover was low. The business occasionally gained new clients by word-of-mouth. Existing clients would refer new clients. Now and then a client business would fold or an owner would retire. A slow, steady, small business.

WordPress 2007

When WordPress showed up on the scene, it helped address the design bottleneck to some degree. It also streamlined the production just as custom website design was becoming too expensive for most of the small and home-based businesses Oakley Studio was built to serve.

WordPress provides a suitable framework for just about any kind of website. The framework simplifies the process of site design/development because we don’t have to reinvent the wheel for each new site. WordPress offers distinctive websites for any new business venture at an attractive entry-level cost.

For nearly a decade now, WordPress is how I build websites.

With WordPress, “Themes” became the new way to do site design. Clients could create their own content (the words and images) and then try out different themes to see what they liked best. Website designers went crazy coming up with creative new themes. Any theme could be further customized and styled using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) coding. The best designers became skilled CSS code jockeys.

WordPress allowed me to double the size of my business by streamlining design and taking a load off custom coding. I could handle twice as many clients and still provide an excellent service with personable customer support.

But after doubling in size, my business appeared to be leveling off again to a slow, steady, somewhat larger small business.

In order to continue growing my business, I’d somehow have to free up more of my time. Out of necessity, I began outsourcing the work.

Website Designers

It turns out site design is an easy part of the business to outsource. Along the way I’ve discovered that collaborating with others on site development is a lot of fun! Now I get to work with outside website designers, programmers, writers, editors, artists, photographers and videographers. I am growing a network of talent. That’s attractive to new clients.

But here’s the really interesting thing…

All of these creative types have their own businesses and are ideally situated to recommend Oakley Studio to their own clientele. Oakley Studio provides the technical backend for website hosting and maintaining a growing list of client sites. Now when I find new clients, I turn to my network for website designers and other creative talent.

That’s you, dear website designers. That’s you, photographers and writers and illustrators. You have your own business, you can’t do it all, and everyone needs a website. So while I outsource design work to you, you outsource the technical backend to Oakley Studio. You may even wish to outsource your own business website hosting to Oakley Studio management. Such an arrangement allows us to focus on our strongest talents, produce the best work for our clients, and grow our businesses.

And that’s why I’m so happy to meet you!

Referrals and Commissions

Oakley Studio has implemented an Affiliate Program we want you to know about, because you’ll earn commissions when you refer your clients to Oakley Studio. Whenever someone needs a domain name registered, needs website hosting, and domain name email service, think Oakley Studio. Oakley Studio wants to be your elite website property management firm and your webmaster. I think we can do amazing things together!


Website designers, you should keep Oakley Studio in mind when you’re doing any new web design work. Those clients of yours need web hosting, right? They could be Oakley Studio Web Sites, referred by YOU and then you earn commissions, month after month. I’m especially interested in web site designers who are able to customize WordPress themes with visual design tweaks — they can bring me lots of new clients!

If you are not already familiar with CSS, be sure to learn it soon as you can and have a working knowlege because these days it’s all you need to take a themed WordPress site and make it totally unique and “custom.” Whenever clients want that, I will refer them to a WordPress CSS designer.

Please contact us if you’d like the opportunity to be in our creative network and earn passive income by referring your web design clients to us for hosting and related domain, email, and website services. We look forward to meeting you!