At Oakley Studio, LLC we believe every web site should have a blog at it’s core. (You’ll see why in just a moment.) The blog represents your ongoing story. What is your ongoing story? For a business, your story is any new development that is worth communicating to your clients, customers, subscribers, and the general public. For a personal site, it could be anything that you wish to share publicly about your ongoing life and experiences, thoughts, and wisdom.

How Often?

Blogging your ongoing story. Hand writing in notebook. 300 words.How often do you have “new” news to tell? That’s completely up to you. Some people write a new blog post every week. Others maybe only once or twice a month. My own goal is to write one new blog post every month. (I wrote only four blog posts last year.) A blog post does not need to be a lengthy treatise. It can be as short as 300 words. You should write it using the same words you would use when telling a story to a friend. And it should be a “story” with a beginning, middle, and end.

What to Write About?

Someone once said, “The world is not made of matter. It is made of stories.” Stories are how we communicate experiences to others. What constitutes a “story?” It could be something that happened in your work, that caused an “aha” moment. It could be something that you read on the internet and want to share some thoughts about. It could be how you solved a problem, or how you helped someone, or a great new business networking connection that is worth crowing about. It could be an award you won, or a brilliant insight you just had, or something that you want to remember (and encourage others to remember) These stories comprise your “ongoing story” and they represent all the recommendations, advice, questions, and lessons learned. Your blog posts are the repository of all your wisdom.

Why Blog?

There are several reasons why you should be blogging regularly, all of equal value.

  • It gives people a reason to sign up for your email list. (You are building an email list, right?)
  • It gives you something to send to everyone on your email list. (They signed up because they want to hear from you.)
  • It is fresh content on your website. (Search engines count “freshness” in their ranking algorithms.)
  • It provides more words and phrases that people can search for and find your site. (Without knowing your name, your business name, or your domain name.)

Blogging is how you build traffic — more visitors coming to your website. Depending on the type of site you have, when more people visit your site you have the opportunity to sell more products and services, or get more donations, or earn more from advertising, or get more attention for a cause you care about. Regular blogging regularly brings more people to your site. That has to happen first before you can begin to pitch them, sell them, convert them to paying clients or customers. It starts with blogging.

So, what will you write about today?

I blogged today. This is our blog.