We are currently on soccer time here at Oakley Studio, enjoying as much Sochi RU 2018 World Cup Soccer as we can mange over the rabbit ears (amped antenna to digital converter box.) I’m normally up and about by 7:00am New York time, how about you? Catching those 6:00am local-time games is no problem. And at 12:00noon local I’m likely to be watching another game.

It’s soccer time — NASA World Cup Soccer 2018


Once every four years we have a “sabbatical year” in which work slows measurably and many eyes are focused on this terrestrial ball — a beautiful “futbol” and the dance of competition that surrounds it. Once every four years we get to experience “the beautiful game” and we are in “soccer time,” a period of respite from all the duties and responsibilities of life. A time when everyone — men and women all — take a break from work and the daily chores, and just spent a few hours out of each day watching this beautiful game, soccer.

Well, at least that’s how it’s been around our home office. How about yours? Are you watching the games?

I will be on soccer time for another couple weeks, until the final game on Sunday, July 19th at 9:00am Albuquerque Time. I hope you’e Camped Out in front of your TV or tablet too, because I shouldn’t be the only one enjoying some soccer time, are you with me?

Here in my home town some of the games have been presented on the big screen in our downtown civic plaza. Since the USA team didn’t make the qualifiers this time around, we’re cheering for — who else? Mexico! And Mexico has, happily made it into the Round of 16.


Ok, enough geeking out on soccer. I wish you a warm and merry summer season. Don’t worry, I’m still doing my site updates every morning and responding to you questions and mysteries of WordPress and anything else internet related. Enjoy the beautiful game!