It lands TOMORROW, Tuesday November 27th, 2018… Welcome to the new era of WordPress version 5.0! In a previous post, “Are You Ready for Gutenberg?” we got a peek at the modern new editor in this major update of the WordPress framework. Wow! Tomorrow Gutenberg arrives, in the core of this next  version of WordPress!

WordPress version 5.0 — Deal or No Deal?

So, is this a big deal? Not everyone thinks so. But I’m going to proceed with both caution and anticipation, as we watch the first public release of WordPress version 5.0. I will especially be watching the WordPress news stream, for any hint of technical issues with this release that will need to be addressed by developers. If all goes well, we can probably start rolling it out on our own websites within the next few days. Or not. There’s no hurry (though some of you are eager, I know), and the upgrade can happen on your schedule. I expect WordPress version 5.0 will be the focus of my time for the next two or three weeks.

Your Webmaster Is Here to Help

If you are ready to try it out, let me know. That’ll put you on my short list of clients getting v5.0 installed, first on your Staging site, and then on your Live site. Prior to upgrading, we want to be sure all your existing active plugins and your site’s theme are all current with the latest available versions. As your webmaster, I check all client sites every day, and when there are updates available, I proceed to install them, and check a few relevant pages on your site to make sure nothing is broken. (Updates very rarely break WordPress sites these days; and if that happens, we have 90 days of complete backups to restore from. The latest backup is always less than 24 hours old.)

Once the daily plugin/theme updates are done, we can install WPv5.0 on your Staging site and see how it performs. Experience may vary, depending on the particular mix of plugins, commercial upgrades, ecommerce configuration, email communications, marketing and traffic analysis, and more, as it exists in your particular WordPress installation.

I will be upgrading my own personal weblog tomorrow, and will let you know (via comments, below) how it goes. One thing I want you to understand, is that you don’t have to go it alone — you have a webmaster here at Oakley Studio, ready and happy to serve you. We’ll get you through any hiccups your site may encounter with this major upgrade… and beyond that we will all be kicking the tires on our brand shiny new editor, and seeing what we can do with it. I’m really looking forward to that!