By now just about everybody on the planet has a Gmail account, right? But if you have a business and want to look professional, you should be using your domain name email for all your communications, not a “” address. That’s so unprofessional. 

Gmail today is the 1990s equivalent of Juno or Yahoo: a freebie email service that says you don’t take your business seriously. Fortunately it’s not hard to get Gmail and domain name email to play nice — right in your own Gmail account, in your web browser.

When you use your domain name email for all your business communications, you are promoting your own website with every email you send. So let’s get to it…

Here’s the step-by-step.

Gmail Settings - Gmail and Domain Name Email

Start by opening your Gmail Settings.

Gmail Settings - Add a mail account

Most of the setup will be in the “Check mail from other accounts” Settings, then we’ll finish up with the “Send mail as” Settings. Click “Add a mail account.

Gmail setup - add another email account

Enter your domain name email address here.

Gmail settings - POP3

For Oakley Studio domain name email service, choose the POP3 email protocol. (Too bad – Gmail doesn’t do IMAP!)

Gmail settings - configure POP3 for Receiving Mail

For username, use your full domain name email address. The POP Server is “” and the Port is “995.” Use a label to keep multiple accounts separate.

Gmail settings - sending mail

Indicate you also want to be able to Send email using this account.

Gmail settings - Email Display

Set a display name that others will see when they receive email you send from this account. Be sure to uncheck the alias box!

Gmail settings - configure for Sending Mail

Here are your settings for sending mail through our email server, “” with Port “25.” And be sure to use TLS encryption.

Gmail settings - Confirm new email account

Final step is to watch for an incoming confirmation email from Gmail to your domain name account. Click the confirmation link in the email, or copy and paste the verification code. You’re almost done!

Gmail settings - Send As

Back on the main Gmail Settings screen, you can see details for the email account you’ve just finished adding. Check how to handle replys, and then click “Make default” so any new email you send uses your domain name email.

And that’s how you get Gmail and domain name email to play nice together!