WooCommerce is the favored online shop plugin for WordPress. There are alternatives, but the vast majority of ecommerce WordPress sites use WooCommerce for their online sales solution. The WooCommerce plugin is updated frequently, sometimes 2 or 3 times in any given month. Following an update, how do we know your WooCommerce checkout process is still working properly? Testing, testing, testing!

As a managed website hosting firm, Oakley Studio is dedicated to ensuring your ecommerce site remains secure and working, ready to take new orders from your customers. We do this by checking every day to see if there are any components of your site that need updating. When updates become available, we install them for you. We monitor for errors during the installation process, and afterwards we visually inspect and verify. We keep all your Plugins, Themes, and the WordPress core itself up-to-date and secure so you don’t have to.

Our WooCommerce Checkout Testing Process

Over the past few years, we’ve come to realize that — for ecommerce sites in particular — installing updates is not sufficient to ensure customers will still be able to purchase from your online store. And for an ecommerce store, that is death. No more sales! A total disaster! And your customers probably won’t tell you; they’ll just go elsewhere, right?

So in addition to doing each WooCommerce update, and monitoring for installation errors, we perform a full WooCommerce checkout test. To do this, we create a Test Product (Price: $0.01), and use it to test your site’s ordering, checkout, payment, and order processing, from start to finish.

WooCommerce Checkout Testing: Ordering, Checkout, Payment, Emails, Order Processing

We want to be sure…

  • Your customers can add items to their order.
  • They can complete checkout (providing their name, phone number, email, billing/shipping addresses, and comments.)
  • WooCommerce remains able to connect to your payment processor (PayPal, Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, Amazon Pay, Dwolla, etc.)
  • And your customer is able to complete payment.
  • Upon completion, customer sees their completed order on your website.

In addition, we make sure you get the order! We check to see that…

  • The order appears in your Dashboard for “Processing.”
  • And we are able to mark the order as “Completed.”

Once those steps are tested successfully, we set the Testing Product to “Draft” so it does not appear anywhere on your site. It remains ready for testing the moment a new WooCommerce update appears.

Other Ecommerce Testing

WooCommerce is not the only online shop plugin we test. A variety of other plugins are capable of performing more specialized types of ecommerce. (Gravity Forms, Member Press, WPshop, 10Web, Selz, to name just a few.)

We’ve developed checkout testing procedures for all the various types of online sales websites hosted on our servers.

Pennies, Huge Value

If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, our testing drops real money into your bank account. Pennies! For the time being, Oakley Studio is not adding any surcharge for the ecommerce/WooCommerce checkout testing we perform on a regular basis for our ecommerce clients. We consider this a way of adding value to your Oakley Studio hosting package.

If Oakley Studio is not yet hosting your website, we invite you to check out the rest of our site while you’re here, to see how we distinguish our managed website hosting from all the self-hosted alternatives out there. Visit our Pricing page, read our Terms of Service, then use our Signup Form to initiate our concierge migration service, and begin enjoying the huge value Oakley Studio managed website hosting provides.