I’ve recently been honored by UpCity, an up-and-coming business-to-business networking site. UpCity helps all kinds of businesses connect with each other and get more work. They gave me this seal to put on my webiste.

“You were selected as one of the top B2B service providers in Albuquerque…”

Jordan Stella, UpCity.com

While I am honored that my business is featured on UpCity.com, there is not really a suitable category there yet for the work I do. The kind of services my business has evolved to provide in recent years are very different from what I started out doing. I actually am not a website DESIGNER these days.

My primary business is Managed Website Hosting. Oakley Studio is one of the premier WordPress hosting providers based on our unique security infrastructure, always-available Staging sites, and the Coaching & Training we can provide to our clients so they are comfortable with using their WordPress Dashboard.

I started my business in 1996 as a home-based website designer, and I am still a one-person shop to this day. I used to do everything — design, programming, database connectivity, all-custom HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL… but that was just way too expensive for the home-based entrepreneurs that I most enjoy helping to get a business idea up and running.

With WordPress, many of my clients have sufficient design sense to choose a Theme and customize it in a way that satisfies them. For others that have more specific design/development objectives in mind, I’m in touch with a small network of local designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, illustrators, custom software developers… and will refer clients to others who have these specific skills to accomplish those objectives.

So, while I am honored that UpCity has featured my business, Website Design is not really a suitable category. If only they had a category for Top Website Hosting Firms, please, put me there. What is “managed WordPress website hosting?” I handle all the daily updates, security, software licensing, domain renewals, DNS management, setting up domain name email service — so that my clients can focus on building their business and not get bogged down with all these technical chores. I function as their outsourced webmaster… until their business is successful enough to hire someone in-house to manage their IT infrastructure. 

Managed website hosting IS NOT the same as hosting your website at GoDaddy, or SiteGround or BlueHost, etc. Those big-box service providers are “self-hosting” solutions for the do-it-yourself-er, and often their customers don’t realize until pretty far down the line that maintaining their own website and all the how-to learning is way more technical and complex than they first imagined. I’ve replied to UpCity asking them to create a new category for small B2B service businesses like mine. And I am hoping it happens. I’d love to see a category for Managed WordPress Hosting would be a much better fit, if they can swing it. 

To all my clients: If you like the services I provide for you, and can recommend Oakley Studio to others, please visit UpCity and write a short review describing how I have helped your business in some specific way. I sure appreciate it!