Oakley Studio Traffic Reports present excellent data you can use to track various important business metrics about your website:

  • How many people are visiting my website?
  • How many pages do they read during a visit?
  • Where do visitors enter and exit?
  • What are some of the top pages visitors see most on my website?
  • Where are people coming from? What countries?
  • What other websites are linking (and referring visitors) to mine?
  • How much time do visitors spend on my website?
  • What search engines are visitors using to find my website?
  • What types of computers and browsers are my visitors using?
  • How is my traffic increasing/decreasing/changing over a period of months or years?

We can provide this highly detailed level of “traffic analysis” because unlike Google Analytics or other third-party tools, our reporting runs on our own servers and has direct access to your website’s server logs.

Timely Reporting

Our Traffic Reports are updated hourly, so you get timely feedback, for instance if you’ve just launched a new marketing campaign, or just posted a link from social media to bring people to a new blog post, a new product, or a new feature on your website.

To view your Oakley Studio Traffic Reports, visit Oakley Studio and log in!* If you are reading this post on our website then you’re almost there. Click the “Log In” button in the top right corner of this page. (The Log In link is on every page of our site.) Once you are logged in, choose “Traffic Reports” from the sidebar (it’s a submenu under “Dashboard”) to view the latest analysis from your website. Click once on “Dashboard” to see it.

We hope our Traffic Reports give you new insights into how your business is performing on the world wide web. There’s loads of detail you can drill down into and filter. If you have particular tracking goals or metrics and want some advice on where/how to find them in your Traffic Reports, connect with your webmaster for advice and direction.

Different Stats for Different Purposes

Our Traffic Reports are especially useful in combination with other measuring tools, such as Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. For our ecommerce clients, Analytics can measure your traffic “conversion rate.” (What percentage of your visitors end up purchasing products or services on your website? In other words, conversion of visitors to customers or clients.) And Search Console is an excellent tool for figuring out the best keywords and key phrases you could be using in new blog posts to attract more of those converting visitors. Many WordPress Plugins are available to hook into these two Google data resources. Google Analytics by Monster Insights is one of the more popular of the Google plugins in use by Oakley Studio clients.

Looking Ahead…

This is not the final word on our Traffic Reports. We are working on adding this same functionality to your own website. When completed, you will be able to log in to your own site and find the sidebar link to your Traffic Reports there, in addition to here at Oakley Studio. We believe this will make our Traffic Reports even more useful when you can get to them from your own site’s Dashboard.

*Log in to www.oakleystudio.com using the same username/password you use for your own website. If you’ve changed your password, then you may need to request a password reset in order to sync up your logins again.