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I hate Domain Name Scammers! These are some of the lowest scum of the earth, because they prey on technically illiterate folks who simply don’t know any better. I’m talking about the kind of sleazy direct mailers who send you dire notices that your domain name is about to expire. Like this one here.

These sleaze bag domain name scammers want me to pay $289? To renew my own domain name?? I’ve never heard of this very patriotic flag-waving “United States Domain Authority” before. Is it some new federal tax? No, it is not. It is a domain name scammer. And I’m certain if I pay this, they will have my money and my domain name won’t be renewed.

Unfortunately not all of our clients understand what these mailings are up to. They don’t realize they are scams. Most will call their webmaster and ask about it. For some it’s just another damn business expense to deal with. These scams typically show up in U.S. postal mail but now and then you’ll receive them via email too. Either way, just toss and delete.

Oakley Studio has been taking care of managing domains for nearly all of our clients, for over 25 years. We do this so you don’t have to fall prey to these bang daggitty skiesters! If you are a client of Oakley Studio, then we are managing your renewals for you so you don’t have to. And our renewals are included with your monthly hosting – no additional charge. 

So remember: Any domain name renewal notifications you receive by postal mail or email are sleazy registrars or scammers hoping to rip you off. This is exactly why we take care of it for you.