These are some of the first questions we anticipate regarding the sale of Oakley Studio to PageCrafter. We’ll answer more of your questions as we receive them. Click each of the sections below for more details.

Next Steps …

Before your website(s) can be migrated to PageCrafter, your Oakley Studio account must be in good standing. Migration will not begin if you have outstanding unpaid/overdue invoices. If you are current with monthly, semi-annual, or annual invoice payments, then you are ready to migrate.

Every client will need to complete a short PageCrafter Intake Form prior to migration. Once you have submitted this form, we will be able to schedule your migration.

If you have existing technical support issues that you prefer to work on with webmaster Peter Oakley prior to your migration, that’s fine. Our aim is to have all clients migrated within the next three months. This should allow us sufficient time to address any outstanding issues before your website moves to PageCrafter.

Included Services

Some of the included services provided by Oakley Studio are not currently offered by PageCrafter. These include:
• Ecommerce checkout testing.
• Affiliates referral program.
• Traffic Reports.
• Unlimited Storage.
• Permanent Staging sites.

For clients that have come to rely on Oakley Studio’s unlimited storage capacity, permanent staging sites, or Level 7 or higher traffic, PageCrafter is prepared to offer an alternate high-performance tier to include those services. Contact webmaster Brian Johnson to discuss this elite service.

Domain Name Email Service

Many Oakley Studio clients are using our managed domain name email service. We are pleased to announce that PageCrafter will be taking ownership of our existing service provided by OpenSRS. So for all our clients, everything remains the same. No changes will be required on your part to continue using the domain name email accounts associated with your website. (Not using domain name email for your branding and communications with your audience? Contact webmaster Brian Johnson about starting it up, once your website has been migrated.)

PageCrafter Pricing

We hope it comes as no surprise to you that PageCrafter charges more than Oakley Studio for its premium managed website hosting services. Very few competitors have been able to best Oakley Studio pricing for similar services. Oakley Studio has always represented an incredible value – in terms of the performance, security, maintenance, and reliability – for the entry-level managed hosting we’ve been providing. In return, you have offered your testimonials and acclamations, your appreciation and loyalty, and your willingness to tell friends and associates about our great business. Because of you recommendations to others, Oakley Studio has been able to grow and prosper.

PageCrafter offers Premium WordPress Hosting for $25 per month. In addition you may also opt for their Monthly WordPress Updates service for an additional $15 per month. Taken together, these are nearly identical to Oakley Studio Level 2 or Level 3 Pricing. If your website is currently Level 1, then your monthly hosting will increase by $8 per month.

Oakley Studio has always included WordPress plugin/theme/core updating in all our website hosting packages. We believe that keeping all components of your website updated is essential for security. If you are concerned about the cost for this additional service, please consult with us about how to automate your site updates.

Oakley Studio’s tiered pricing has always been based on bandwidth usage. The more traffic your website attracts, the more data your website sends out; and your monthly hosting cost increases based on this simple metric. This pricing structure has allowed us to offer a low entry-level price that could increase in tandem with the growth and success of your online venture. By contrast, PageCrafter offers one Premium hosting service for everyone. This effectively means that for Level 4 clients and above, your hosting cost will likely be decreasing.

If all this sounds good to you and you are ready to migrate your website and related assets to PageCrafter, please complete our PageCrafter Intake Form.

If you have not yet visited we encourage you to do so. In particular, you will find much more info about PageCrafter’s service offerings by visiting these two pages: