About Oakley Studio, LLC

Welcome to Oakley Studio Websites - Albuquerque, New MexicoOakley Studio is a different kind of WordPress website hosting & professional email business. Our brand represents defense against the dark side of the internet. Oakley Studio is  an “online asset management” firm, which means we manage all our clients’ online assets. Domains, websites, hosting, backups, critical security updates, SSL certificates, theme and plugin licensing, professional email service – these are all valuable assets of any business. At Oakley Studio, we manage all the technical details, so you can focus on building your own business. We maintain and monitor website security and performance daily for the benefit of our clients. Oakley Studio offers a complete package of services that includes…

  • Concierge Domain Name Service: Registrations, transfers, renewals and ongoing records management — so you don’t have to. Oakley Studio ensures your domain name will never accidentally expire for as long as your website is hosted here.
  • Managed WordPress Website Hosting Service: Reliable server management, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file storage, industry standard up-time and top-tier global DNS service at an affordable price.
  • WordPress Coaching/Training: Six 1-hour personalized sessions with your webmaster. Covered topics include Pages vs Posts, Media uploading and editing, Categories & Tags, Themes & Plugins. Expert help to get you up and running fast with your WordPress Dashboard — don’t spend years learning it on your own.
  • Professional Domain Name Email Service: End-to-end encryption, group mailing, scheduled mailing, and autoresponder. Your domain name email promotes your own website with every message you send.
  • Secure Ecommerce: Sell your products and services online from our secure servers. We install and manage SSL/TLS digital certificates for all our client websites, providing encrypted connections for your online storefront with integrated shopping cart and payment gateway.
  • Marketing and SEO: Brand building, traffic analysis, keyword targeting, online advertising, and effective social media. We help you understand the best methods and tools to get good ranking in the search engines, engage your audience, and build loyalty.
  • Technical Support: Via email, phone, or text. We also use videoconferencing and screen-sharing so everyone is “on the same page.” You have a webmaster who knows your business and is eager to see you succeed.
  • Attractive Affiliate Program: Ongoing monthly earnings from your referrals, 10% commissions, easy automated signups. Turn your web hosting expense into a new passive revenue stream for your business!

A Complete Package

Many small businesses struggle to get established on the web by contracting these essential services from 6 or more different vendors and then trying to integrate them on their own. Oakley Studio offers a complete package so you can focus on your business and let us handle the technical details.

For nearly 30 years, Oakley Studio, LLC has been a full-service website hosting firm, providing complete webmaster services for small and home-based businesses, retail shops, non-profits, local municipalities and government service agencies, creative artists, authors, online marketers, musicians, consultants, and business startups.

Our service caters to individuals, small businesses, and organizations with no internal IT department but who recognize the stategic importance of a well-managed website and professional email for their ongoing success and sustainability.

Today we offer a very personalized service to small and home-based startups, and we excel at Website Design, WordPress Training and Secure Ecommerce. We look forward to being your one-stop webmaster service for years to come!

All Oakley Studio client websites are hosted on our own managed cloud-based servers and located at a secure data facility with unlimited bandwidth. (Read more about our Strategic Business Partnerships.)

Small & Home-Based Business in a Global Economy

We want to make it easy for you to establish your enterprise on the web, and we know your own website will become a key component of your online success. We believe small home-based business is an underserved market that is emerging in this century to be a driving force in our global economy. We are excited to be working with you and serving your business in this way.

By integrating essential services and keeping startup costs very low, we help ensure that our clients can quickly attain profitability and become successful and growing businesses.

Our best clients are small and home-based businesses offering a “niche” product or service online.

Get a Webmaster with Your WordPress

If you are new to WordPress or already have some passing experience with it, we will provide the essential basic training you need to take the helm at your own WordPress Dashboard. Start your new WordPress website at Oakley Studio!

If you are already an experienced WordPress user, we’d love to be your web hosting firm and provide a ready consulting webmaster service to take your online presence to the next level. It’s easy to transfer your existing WordPress website to Oakley Studio!

Oakley Studio - Website Hosting at an affordable price for home and small business.My name is Peter Oakley, and Oakley Studio, LLC is my business. Our mission is to be a strategic partner in your business by providing expert design, marketing, and coaching while managing your domain name and your website on Oakley Studio web and email servers at an attractive price point.

Oakley Studio began as a home-based business, serving other small and home-based businesses. We know home startups because we’ve been there. We know the unique challenges you face. We understand the frustration that exists with commodity web hosting providers, cut-throat registrars, proprietary “website builder” tools, and the complexity of trying to cobble together a business system from multiple vendors that works for your particular business.

We save you that confusion by providing a superb pre-customized package of essential services at an entry price that any new business can afford. Please try us out — get started today!

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