Why You Want Excellent Domain Name Service

More often than not, the difference between a slow-to-load website and a blazing fast site is excellent Domain Name System (DNS) service.

DNS is the part of the internet that translates a human-readable URL into a web server IP address. Every website is “hosted” (stored) on a web server with a high-speed always-on connection to the internet. When you do a Google search and click a link, or copy or type a URL (a “Universal Resource Locator” or human-readable web page address) into your web browser, the first thing that must happen is your web browser needs to find out where that web page is located. The internet’s DNS provides a network of servers specifically configured to do these lookups. It’s the first thing that must happen before a web page can begin to appear in your web browser.

The Problem: Slow Lookups

These lookups should be almost instantaneous. In reality they can often take 5 seconds or more. Meanwhile you’re staring at a blank screen — waiting. That’s why you want excellent domain name service. Unfortunately, most domain name registrars have little incentive to provide great DNS service.

Here at Oakley Studio we’ve suspected for a long time that the slowest DNS is that delivered by domain name registrars. Each registrar is required to provide DNS service to handle these lookups… but it doesn’t have to be fast DNS. Once you’ve registered a domain name, your registrar has no incentive to provide really fast DNS. Why? Because no one knows how bad it is!

Wy DNS Is So Bad

Registrars overload under-powered servers with the job of doing these lookups. Registrars are not in the networking infrastructure business, so they do not typically have fast DNS. All they want is to register more domain names. It’s a cut-throat business, where everyone is trying to offer domain name registration for the lowest price. They expect no one will notice their slow DNS, because slow lookups typically get blamed on the website host, not a registrar’s poor DNS service.

Oakley Studio solves this problem by managing DNS separate from domain name registrations. We partner with an excellent registrar (our partner registrar is Hover, a TuCows company) but we provision our DNS separately on much faster servers. So when anyone requests a page from one of our client’s websites, our fast DNS ensures the page starts loading almost instantly. Almost no wait before the page begins to load.

That’s what you want. That’s what everyone wants. That’s what excellent domain name service provides.

Better Get Excellent DNS

In addition to using really fast servers and huge network bandwidth for DNS service, Oakley Studio also provides four DNS name servers at the ready to do these lookups. Nearly all registrars use only two name servers, often housed in the same building, using the same internet connection. If there’s a network or server outage, your website may be temporarily unavailable. By using four DNS name servers, all located in different parts of the world, we can deliver reliable always-available blazing fast DNS service.

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