Email List Building

Here’s a really simple method for generating more traffic to your website, using email list building. We recommend the MailPoet email list plugin that’s included in every new Oakley Studio Website. The method is just three steps:

  1. Create great content that people want to read more of.
  2. Offer a way for anyone to opt-in to your email list.
  3. When you write a new blog post, the last step is to send an email to your list that links to the new blog post.

Sending that email notifies your subscribers about the new blog post. They click the link in your message to read your latest news and stories. Here’s what it looks like:

Email List Building - Repeat Again and Again

That’s it. Write and publish a blog post. Send email. Nothing builds traffic quite as well as this tried-and-true method. It works.

First Invite Subscribers

Capturing a visitor’s name and email address is one of the most imporant things your website can do for your business. Email list building is how you build a devoted audience that wants to hear from you – over and over again. So be sure you have a form on your website where visitors can submit their name and email to get your “email newsletter.” These are people who you want to notify them whenever you publish something new.

Blog Post

Once you have a few subscribers to your list, then write a Blog Post. Write something about your business, what you’ve been up to, what you are thinking, or learning, or doing. A blog is an ongoing narrative about your online business development. For more about what to write about, read our “Why Blogging?” post.

Of course as this diagram indicates, there are a few more things you can do to add some perfection to this simple routine.

Add a Picture

For example, whenever you write a new blog post, think about adding an image – a relevant photo, video, drawing, chart, or diagram to illustrate your words. (For this blog post, the simple diagram above is something I used to illustrate this process for a client. And it’s a perfect image for this post.) A picture adds visual interest and provides a focus for the writing. In the world of online multimedia, words and pictures are meant to be together.

Add a Link

There are probably other pages related to your new blog post you can link to. Links can be to other pages within your own website or to other pages anywhere else on the internet. (For this story, I’ve linked to the Oakley Studio signup page, and to another Oakley Studio Blog post, above.)

Send an Email to Your List

Last step… write and send an email message to your list. Your email should contain a Personal Note, which is not part of your blog post, and help build a personalized connection with your subscribers. And of course, be sure to Link to Your Blog Post so that they can easily get to your website with just a single click in the email message.

That’s the email list building and audience building method, and for years and years since the early days of the World Wide Web this has been the way to steadily build a bigger and bigger community of devoted followers who love what you do and are eager to support you and your online business. For free. Blog regularly, send email messages to your subscribers to bring them back to your website, and you will not fail to grow your business.