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Here’s everything you need to get started with Oakley Studio managed WordPress website hosting.

Existing Website?

If you already have a “self-hosted” website elsewhere (GoDaddy, Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, SiteGround, etc.) you’ve probably been stressed, confused, or aggravated with all the technical chores required to keep it up and running and safe from hackers. Your Oakley Studio webmaster will attend to these tasks for you. You should not have to be a cybersecurity expert to own and operate your own website! A professional webmaster will deal with managing security and performance on your behalf. We keep your site updated, secure, always available, and performing optimally, unlimited by bandwidth or storage constraints.

You will love managed hosting at Oakley Studio! Our concierge migration service transfers your existing site to an Oakley Studio “Staging” server, and we manage and renew your domain name for you through our partner registrar. We’ll provide your domain name email service so you can communicate professionally with the world. We’ll handle your software licensing keys, installs, and renewals so your site is always running the currently available releases.

Start by signing up for service…

It takes just a few days to move your existing website to Oakley Studio.

Get a webmaster with your WordPress! This is the main difference between a self-hosted website and managed website hosting at Oakley Studio.

Brand New Website?

If you are starting a new business or need a new website for any other purpose, let Oakley Studio provide excellent managed hosting for you right from the start. We specialize in ecommerce. If you have a business idea and want to sell your products or services online, we can provide all the expertise so you don’t spend years figuring it all out yourself.

If you are a writer or published author; a photographer, artist, or musician; an entrepreneur, technician, or inventor; a celebrity, a designer, an engineer, an explorer, a leader… whatever your passion, an Oakley Studio website will present your work beautifully and reliably to the world. Let us be your guide to building a website that ideally suits your purpose and goals.

Oakley Studio provides coaching and training via Zoom with screen-sharing so you have expert guidance as you build out your site and add your own content – the words, images, gallery, audio, documents, portfolio, video, blog. We’ve done it all and can show you how.

Template Design or Pro Designer?

The WordPress framework gives you access to a huge library of free design templates (called “Themes“) which you can further customize with your own photos, logo, text, color palette, and other creative artistry. We encourage you to “try on” several different themes and explore customizations before settling on a final design “look and feel” for your new website. You are crafting a brand identity for your personal or corporate online persona.

If you decide choosing a theme or customization is not your thing, we’re happy to recommend experienced web designers, illustrators, photographers, and videographers to work with you to develop your new website. Maybe you just need a good logo designer to create the perfect “branding” for your business? Let us connect you.

Off-the-Shelf Plugins and Interactivity?

What do you want visitors to be able to do when they come to your website? How will they interact with your site? The WordPress framework gives you access to a huge library of free software modules (called “Plugins“) to bring distinctive functionality to your site. Need a form creation tool or a survey and polling tool? A news ticker or newsfeed? There are plugins available. Need to create a gallery or portfolio of art and photography? Perhaps a library of your music, documents, or videos? A lively slideshow for presentations? Plugins provide this functionality.

We have experience with a tremendous variety of plugins and can help you choose the best ones and show you how to configure them to your liking.

Custom Software Development?

If you have envisioned an online tool or application that is not available through existing software plugins, we’re pleased to introduce you to custom software developers who can bring your vision to life.

Startup Budget and Ongoing Monthly Costs?

Oakley Studio managed website hosting is attractively priced for small and home-based businesses and personal online publishing. Visit our Pricing page for details. You’ll save by doing a lot of the development work yourself. If you choose to hire a designer or software developer, we can introduce you and advise on costs and outcomes.

Oakley Studio does not provide turnkey custom website design and we are not custom programmers. WordPress was created to help

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These are all the considerations that go into preparing yourself and building a new website here at Oakley Studio.

Your next step is to…

We look forward to hosting your site, whether it is built from scratch or migrated in from self-hosting elsewhere. We are eager to work with you to build your online business or personal publishing enterprise. It’s exciting! And you’re going to love what we do for you.


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