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  • Divi Plugin Highlight: Battle Suit for Divi March 23, 2019
    Battle Suit for Divi is a third-party plugin that provides a collection of Divi Builder Modules, Divi Extensions, Tweaks, WordPress Widgets, and more, that add new features to Divi. It’s a modular system that’s highly expandable. The plugin itself is free and it can be expanded with lots of free and premium add-ons. In this […]
    Randy A. Brown
  • How to Organize Your Life: 4 Tips to Follow & 2 Pitfalls to Avoid March 23, 2019
    Organizing your life, from your home to your office to your computer, doesn’t demand perfection. It’s okay if your life is more “organized chaos” than Pinterest-worthy. What you do need is an understanding of what gets in the way when it remains disorganized. The goal is for all of it to run smoothly. Here’s what […]
    Lindsay Pietroluongo
  • How to Beautifully Stack Portfolio Items with Divi’s Transform Options March 22, 2019
    The new Divi transform options have opened a ton of new doors towards creating visually-appealing web design. It brings us one step closer to not needing any image editing software when designing a website from scratch. We can transform it to look exactly the way we want to while still having a 100% responsive design. […]
    Donjete Vuniqi
  • How to Choose the Best Fonts for Logos March 22, 2019
    Your logo is probably your brand’s single design asset that people see the most. It’s on your website, letterhead, promo materials, emails, icons, shirts, social media pages, and nearly everything else that you work with on a daily basis. So making sure that you choose the best fonts for logos is imperative. Whether it’s fair […]
    B.J. Keeton
  • Using Divi’s Transform Controls to Create Unique Blurb Module Layouts March 21, 2019
    Divi’s Transform controls make it really easy to position and style the elements of your page to create unique layouts. Divi’s blurb module is one of the most common elements for featuring items on a website. So, I thought I would show how to put those Transform effects to use by creating a couple of […]
    Jason Champagne
  • How to Build an Empire Out of Your Side Hustle March 21, 2019
    At some point, everyone has been told don’t quit your day job, meaning that they’re never going to earn a living based on something they love or enjoy. Some of you, however, may want to quit your day job to pursue whatever your dream is. So you work on it tirelessly in your free time. You […]
    B.J. Keeton
  • How to Create Beautiful Mobile Social Follow Bios with Divi (Free Download!) March 20, 2019
    When you’re creating your personal website, it helps to have a social follow bio page that you can easily link to. It makes a great online visit card with a summary of what you do and where people can see your work. The information that is shared within mobile social follow bios is usually limited […]
    Donjete Vuniqi
  • 2019’s Top Types of Marketing Jobs March 20, 2019
    The idea of marketing is a lot simpler than the reality. In fact, people new to the field who are looking for marketing jobs tend to get overwhelmed because of the amount of specificity in job listings. Some positions require (or prefer) experience the job seeker may not have or hasn’t even heard of. As the […]
    B.J. Keeton
  • How to Add Ken Burns Hover Effects to Images, Modules and Rows in Divi March 19, 2019
    The Ken Burns Effect has been around for a while. The effect was made famous by the American Documentarian, Ken Burns, as he used a combination of panning and zooming techniques to bring images to life in his movies. In web design, the Ken Burns Effect has proven to be a popular design technique to […]
    Jason Champagne
  • Creating Your First Digital Marketing Strategy March 19, 2019
    You’re not a cookie cutter company (even if you literally sell cookie cutters); therefore, there isn’t a cookie cutter digital marketing strategy. What there is, though, is a general plan you can use to get your strategy off the ground. You’ll walk away from this article with a deeper understanding of digital marketing and a […]
    Lindsay Pietroluongo