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Managed web site hosting is our primary business, and we’ve been at it since the early days of the World Wide Web. Lot’s of places offer commodity web hosting to the masses, for less than we charge for our service. Why would someone go with Oakley Studio? Here’s why.

Managed vs. Commodity Web Hosting

The cheap web hosting offered by large-volume hosting companies is aimed at self-serve figure-it-out-as-you-go customers. You register your domain name at one place, host your site at another, and get your email service from somewhere else. It’s up to you to figure out how to connect these various services into a system that works for your small business. If you have a problem or need help, good luck. Either you pay up front for your support call, or you talk with someone in another country. Never the same person.

If you have some basic tech savvy then you can probably figure it out. You’ll spend lots of time getting your site up and running. You’ll need to remember to renew your domain name before it expires (or risk losing it), and when you run into “issues” you’re mostly on your own.

With commodity web hosting, you site shares space on a generic server with a few thousand other web sites, and it’s likely your pages will load slowly unless you implement some kind of caching system to speed it up. If you want reliable backup, you may need to hook up with a third party “cloud” service for that.

You will need to manage your own Domain Name System (DNS) service, usually through your registrar. Unfortunately your registrar is in the business of registering domain names, not providing excellent DNS service. So response times for the hundreds of thousands of domain name lookups happening on a registrar’s overloaded DNS servers may be a weak link in your web site’s page delivery system. You could go with a third party DNS service, but for many business owners who registered their own domain names, it never occurs to them that good DNS service is important.

Will you be configuring the MX records for your domain name email? Many small businesses just go with Gmail instead — because email service based on your domain name is too hard to figure out. You know it comes off as less professional, (especially if your email is at Yahoo, Hotmail, Juno, or AOL) but you hope no one will notice. Some businesses end up getting email through a third party service.

So now you aren’t just paying for cheap web hosting anymore. You’ve got to integrate domain name registration, DNS service, web site hosting service, reliable backup, and email. It’s cobbled together, and gives each provider the opportunity to point the finger at someone else when things aren’t working right.

Those are some of the more obvious shortcomings of commodity web hosting.

Managed Web Hosting Provides Multiple Services for One Price.

At Oakley Studio, we provide a better-quality complete package of services at an affordable price by doing the necessary integration for you. We own our own servers, and we house them at a secure data facility with huge bandwidth and redundant connections to the internet. We use a top-tier concierge provider for domain name registration and we manage your domain name for you. Domain name renewals are included free with our managed web site hosting service, and your domain name will never accidentally expire. We use dedicated DNS service providers for blazing fast domain name lookups. And because we own our own web and email servers we can monitor traffic and respond quickly to increases so our servers are never overloaded.

Our site hosting service is based on how much traffic (visitors) your site is attracting. As your site’s traffic grows with your business, you’ll pay more for bandwidth. Your bandwidth usage is averaged over an entire month, which helps balance the spikes you can expect if you are running advertising campaigns or conducting effective social/collaborative marketing for your business. As your levels of traffic increase, your site shares a server with fewer other neighbors. At Level 8 and Level 9 your site is on it’s own server.

We still believe in personal service. It’s your webmaster who answers the phone when you call, or replies to your email. You talk to the same webmaster every time, someone who knows your site and your business because you’re one of a small number of clients, not one of thousands. We are a boutique service, offering exceptional care to a select clientele. We do not intend to serve the masses, but we really want to provide the best managed web hosting service available for you and your business. If that sounds good to you then please sign up today.

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