Our Affiliate Program

We’ve just finished up all the technical details and want to let you know that Oakley Studio is now offering an affiliate/referral program for all clients that could turn your monthly web site expense into an ongoing residual income stream.

Turn Your Expense Into Income

If you’re not already familiar with how affiliate programs work, here’s the low down. Say you’re paying $10 per month for a “Starter Level 1” WordPress business site hosted here at Oakley Studio. You like our service and are happy to tell others about it. Introduce another paying client to Oakley Studio and you’ll earn a 10% commission on their monthly hosting fee — forever. You’ll be earning $3.50 every month from that client you brought to us, so now your monthly hosting is just $6.50 per month. Invite another paying client, earn another $3.50, and now your monthly expense is just $3.00 per month. Invite one more new client, and now your monthly hosting expense has turned into a monthly income — and there’s no limit how much you can make.

In other words, by inviting just three other new small business clients to start their web-based business here, your own web site is completely paid for! Oakley Studio Web Sites - CommissionsAnd you’re earning some extra pocket change too. Plus the more customers you invite, the more you can earn.

The OS WordPress Affiliate Program

Here’s how it works: When you sign up to become an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique “Referral URL” you can use in email messages, text and banner ads, and any other type of advertising you can dream up. You can even use your own web site here to invite others to become new Oakley Studio clients.

Start Today!

Your Oakley Studio website is ready as soon as you complete our easy step-by-step signup.