Our Strategic Partners

Though Oakley Studio remains to this day a home-based business, we do not operate alone. We rely on other partners with deep technical knowledge to provide our fundamental services.

Apple, Inc. – Cupertino, California

Oakley Studio is a Mac-based business. Our web and email services run on Macs, our servers are Apple Mac Mini hardware, running the latest MacOS system and server software. Apple’s Mac servers are well-built, easy to manage, and extremely reliable. And in our home-office our desktop and laptop computers are Macs, and our tablets and smartphones are Apple-made. Do you love Macs? We love to help you make the most of them.

We believe Macs are the best choice for home-based businesses, because they are easy to learn and easy to use, with well-designed intuitive software, and very well-built and reliable hardware. You don’t need an IT department to keep your Macs running!

Macs are also way less vulnerable to outside attack when connected to the internet. (Most Mac users don’t even bother with anti-virus software — that’s a WindowsOS thing — and enjoy more productive time not spent keeping virus protection up-to-date.) MacOS software updates are automatic and unobtrusive.

CyberLynk – Milwaukee Wisconsin

Oakley Studio’s MacOS web and email servers are housed at CyberLynk’s secure data facility with huge bandwidth, so traffic is never limited. CyberLynk built their own custom server cabinets especially for Apple’s Mac Mini Servers. Our Oakley Studio servers reside in a temperature and humidity controlled secure server room housing over a hundred cabinets; with redundant network providers and fat pipe internet connects; with power fail-over and backup generators.

CyberLynk provides Oakley Studio’s on-location and on-call technical staff for server placements, diagnostics, repairs, and upgrades. They provide all my hands-on technical support, and I rely on their expertise for configuring and tuning our servers for optimum performance. I am consulting with the folks at CyberLynk regularly as my business evolves. I feel great about providing web hosting for you, knowing I have excellent and timely support in the server room.

Hover – Toronto, Ontario

We use Hover’s superb concierge service for registering new domain names and for transferring domains from other registrars. Hover is a registrar any webmaster would love — clean easy-to-use management tools, private registrations, and a user interface uncluttered with advertising and upsells. We manage all our client domain names at Hover so we can easily configure new sub-domains, pointers, and email addresses, and perform multi-year renewals so your domain name never expires.

Amazon Web Services

Domain Name System (DNS) Service is the least understood and most critical component of web hosting. DNS does the job of matching web page requests with actual server locations. Most people use whatever DNS service their registrar provides; and it’s often underpowered and overworked. Slow DNS means your web site pages take longer to start loading… or may not load at all.

Oakley Studio utilizes two DNS services — Amazon Web Services for our client’s initial “staging” sites while they are in development, and Dyn, Inc. for LIVE client sites. AWS provides the programming tools that make it possible for us to configure new test sites almost instantly. And Dyn provides global DNS servers so anyone anywhere can get to your web site fast! Both of these providers deliver their DNS service from four designated servers in different parts of the world. (Most registrars use only two.)

Elegant Themes

For our clients who desire a truly distinctive web site that goes beyond what’s available in the free Themes repository in their Dashboard, we turn to commercial theme developer Elegant Themes. These are beautiful designs, with specially designed modules to help you communicate effectively and sell sell sell. We are an Elegant Themes developer so we can install and customize the theme of your choice for a one-time fee. After that, we attend to all theme updates — for free — for as long as your site is hosted at Oakley Studio.

Our Network of Designers, Programmers, and Tech Support

Since relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2016, we’ve been building local relationships within a rich ecosystem of other entrepreneurs and startups. Oakley Studio is able to grow organically as our needs for personnel and additional services increase. For now, Oakley Studio is still a one-person company, but we’d love to introduce you to our circle of deep expertise when it comes to custom design, specialized database connectivity, or advanced training and marketing.

We’ve been working with Brian Stinar and Noventum, LLC for all our server scripting – these guys rock when it comes to automating server processes! It’s how we can offer a very streamlined service and get your site up and running fast. And also thanks to Patrick Greenough for his excellent WordPress Training & Marketing. After you’ve got the basics down, we highly recommend all of Patrick’s seminars.


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