Here are current prices for Oakley Studio website hosting; WordPress setup and training; Domain Name registrations, transfers and renewals; Professional Email service; custom site design and consulting.

We offer nine levels of site hosting to meet the varied needs of our clients. Levels are based on a website’s traffic load, measured in megabytes (mb) and averaged over an entire month. This smooths out your peak loads so you pay for steady growth in traffic without being penalized for the desirable spikes in attention that well-designed websites can achieve. All new websites begin at “Starter” level — just $14 per month. Sites may advance one level in any given month, based on avg. daily data transfer.

included free


All Oakley Studio website hosting packages include:


  • Permanent “Staging” Website for developing new site, redesign, or testing.
  • DAILY WEBSITE UPDATES – Your webmaster manages your WordPress plugins & themes, keeping your website secure and in good working order.
  • DOMAIN NAME RENEWALSYour domain will never expire!
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Digital Certificates for secure encrypted connnections.
  • Daily Automated Backup of web pages, databases, and email.
  • Unlimited Storage for your website files.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth for your website traffic and visitors.
  • FIVE Email Addresses for (More available on request.) 3
  • Webmail Portal for easy sending/receiving domain name email from any device.
  • Website Traffic Reports with charts and analysis; updated hourly.
  • Secure SFTP FileTransfer for easy file access.
  • Support PortalInitiate a tech support request any time!
  • Our quarterly “Concierge Hosting” Enews keeps you informed on important Web trends.

Your first month of STAGING and site development is FREE at Oakley Studio. And your first month of LIVE domain name website hosting is also FREE. We hope you are completely satisfied with the service we provide, and we’re happy to give you plenty of time to get it right. Additional development time in Staging is just $12 per month.

Permanent “Staging” Website

(Staging site is included in your Monthly Hosting Package once your site goes Live.) 0

$12.00 / month

Level 1 – “Starter” Website Hosting Package

Up to 100 MB avg. daily data transfer 1

$17.00 / month

Level 2 – “Going Concern” Website Hosting Package

Up to 200 MB avg. daily data transfer 1

$24.00 / month

Level 3 – “Small Business” Website Hosting Package

Up to 500 MB avg. daily data transfer 1

$38.00 / month

Level 4 – “Intermediate” Website Hosting Package

Up to 1.0 GMB avg. daily data transfer 1

$66.00 / month

Level 5 – “Advanced” Website Hosting Package

Up to 2.0 GB avg. daily data transfer 1

$99.00 / month

Level 6 – “Spotlight” Website Hosting Package

Up to 3.5 GB avg. daily data transfer 1

$144.00 / month

Level 7 – “Professional” Website Hosting Package

Up to 6.5 GB avg. daily data transfer 1

$215.00 / month

Level 8 – “Enterprise” Website Hosting Package

Up to 12 GB avg. daily data transfer 1

$310.00 / month

Level 9 – “Destination” Website Hosting Package

Up to 24 GB avg. daily data transfer 1

$449.00 / month
Related fees for Website Packages
One-time website setup fee
(Includes one FREE month of Staging and one FREE month of Live hosting.)
$20.00 setup
Additional domain name hosting 2
(Redirecting to your primary domain name website.)
$5.00 / month
Additional domain names 2
(“Parked” with advertising.)
$2.00 / month
Additional email addresses 3
(For all your organization’s employees. Includes state-of-the-art spam filtering.)
$2.00 / month

Package pricing reflects automatic monthly billing. A $2.00 administrative fee will be assessed for invoicing by email or postal mail.

1 Daily data rates are based on average website data transferred per day over the course of a month, as summarized in your Traffic Report. Traffic Reports are updated hourly. Any month in which your site exceeds its current hosting level will advance your hosting service to the next level. Oakley Studio does not charge data overage fees, and will never limit your bandwidth!

2 Domain name management is INCLUDED with all web site packages.

3 Five FREE domain-name email addresses included with all website hosting packages.

Introductory “OS WordPress” Coaching/Training Package $244 complete

Oakley Studio loves WordPress! Weblogging (aka: “blogging”) is the way to communicate actively with your audience, your clients and your customers. And WordPress is the most feature-rich, secure and popular blogging platform available today. Here at Oakley Studio we believe a weblog should be at the core of your web site, and we encourage you to embrace it as an essential part of your day-to-day business activity.

Our WordPress package includes domain name registration and site setup plus six hours of one-on-one personalized tutorials with your webmaster to get you up and running fast!

Normally $339 for these services, this package saves you $95. Select this offer during signup.

Domain Name Registration or Transfer
Original Registration or Transfer (First year of service. All renewals of your domain names are included FREE with your hosting package.) $19.00
Fee-Based Webmaster Services
Migration of existing website from remote web hosting service to Oakley Studio $40 per migration
Migration of existing domain name email account from remote email hosting to Oakley Studio $14 per email account
Oakley Studio “Footer Service” – We update your site’s footer text to anything you like. $50 per site
Oakley Studio “Popup Service” – We install and configure a pop-up lead generator to do anything you want. $90 per pop-up
Professional Design and Consulting Services
Website design/development $100 / hr
Additional one-on-one WordPress Coaching/Training $50 / hr
Apple Macintosh technical consulting & home/business networking $50 / hr
Design & technical consulting (existing website hosted elsewhere) $175 / hr
Cost range for a new website $7,000 to $10,000 +
(70-100 hrs @ $100/hr)
Additional pages for your existing site $400 to $1,200 + / page
(4-12 hrs @ $100/hr)
Update an existing web page $200 to $600 + / page
(2-6 hrs @ $100/hr)

Get going! Sign Up for service instantly, and be working on your new website just minutes from now.