Email: Unloved But Essential

The unsung workhorse of the Internet today is still the unsung workhorse it was over three decades ago: EMAIL. So dull, so ordinary, so pedestrian. And yet professional domain name email is so essential today. Email is how the entire world has evolved to communicate since the dawn of the global internet. Email has replaced letter writing and every form of business and personal communications.

Love it or hate it, email is so embedded in our culture, so second nature to how we connect with others… Email is not going away!

So make the most of it. Use your professional domain name email to continually create brand awareness and recognition with every message you send.

Do not neglect your professional domain name email! Integrate your domain name email deeply into all your website business processes. And make every email work to promote your brand and your business. Here are some key thoughts on how you can make your email a brand ambassador for your online business.

  • Essential email begins with your domain. Hopefully you’ve chosen a really great name at domain for your business — it’s memorable, catchy, short, and easy to say. It encapsulates your business idea and creates a brand that you can build an enterprise on.
  • Every email sent by you (or by your website) should a professional domain name email. No Gmail, no Yahoo, no AOL! Why would you promote these other services when you could be promoting your own business with every email you send? Use your domain name not just for your website, but for all your email.
  • Use a Signature File that repeats your business name, perhaps with a tag line or memorable slogan that you use in all your advertising. Be sure to include your website address in your sig file. As appropriate, include your phone number and mailing address. Use the same sig file on all your email messages.
  • Consider using a design template for your email — at the very least for all your blog subscriber email messages, your order notification messages, your order processing and followup satisfaction messages. Your design template should reflect the identity elements of your business branding. Your logo or logotype, your colors, your tag line. And close every email with your familiar sig file.

Email is an unsung workhorse. So harness it to work tirelessly to promote your business, with every message you send.


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