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John Sherck has been engaged in small-scale staple crop farming for over 20 years in northern Indiana, and operates a roadside market with ready-to-plant garden vegetables. His Spring plant sale has become very popular in the local community over the years. Starting in 2013, John started “Sherck Seeds,” a seed selling business based on the many heritage varieties of legumes, root vegetables, and grains that he trials each year. Through his website John has cultivated a global community of gardeners, farmers, and seed-savers who are eager to learn from his agricultural best practices.

“Pete Oakley was referred to me by a good friend when I first started my seed business and needed help in building a website and the provided hosting. From that first year my website quickly gained attention and grew in visits and sales every single year. Much of this growth I can apportion to Pete since he helped me to understand ways to increase my ranking on search engines, as well as providing content and customer service that has helped make Sherck Seeds a popular website for folks looking for rare heritage seed, and the ‘know how’ to make their gardening adventures successful.”

John S.

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Since 2013

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