What Is WordPress?

Oakley Studio has been in the website design and site hosting business for nearly 30 years. We’ve developed expertise in site content organization and navigation, database connectivity, secure ecommerce, and online marketing. And since 2007 we’ve been building with WordPress — a blogging and content management system (CMS) combining flexibility, ease-of-use, and security — to get new websites up and running fast, at a price that any small business can afford.

World Wide Web – The Early Days

In the early days of the World Wide Web, sites were entirely custom-built. A website designer (also known as “webmaster”) would assess your needs and objectives, and develop a totally unique website from scratch, using HTML code that combined content (text, images, logos, and other graphical elements) into a distinctive collection or web of pages — a “website.” As time went on, websites became more intricate and involved, portals for gathering information and communicating with organizations; websites connected to databases of information, with web pages that retrieved and assembled information “on the fly,” at the moment they were requested. These more advanced websites took teams of developers to create — graphic designers, photographers and illustrators, programmers, database systems engineers…

By the turn of the century custom website design was becoming way too costly for most small businesses to afford. Consequently the web was becoming dominated by large corporations with the deep resources to exploit this new communications medium on a global internet.

As a one-person web design and hosting firm, I was able to network with other designers, programmers, and technicians to accomplish the custom-design work that larger organizations were looking for. But I very much wanted to continue serving small and home-based business startups. To do so, I needed a way to produce well-designed web sites at dramatically reduced cost.

To address this goal, Oakley Studio turned to WordPress, a “content management system” to provide the framework for new client websites. We needed a well-built starting point that implemented customizable design templates (called “Themes“), and modular extensions to add functionality (called “Plugins“) for constructing many different kinds of websites. We also wanted a system with built in “search-engine optimization” (SEO) so that our client websites could easily establish good ranking in their particular area of business focus. And we needed to be able to implement secure ecommerce so our clients could create online storefronts and sell their products and services to a global audience.

WordPress offered all these features, plus a Dashboard that our clients could quickly learn to use so they could take ownership of their websites and manage periodic updates and feature additions without the need for frequent (costly) webmaster intervention. This empowered our clients to deeply integrate their web sites into their business processes.

We’ve found that when small businesses can manage costs and become profitable, they become long-time clients. And that speaks well for Oakley Studio. Nearly all our new clients are here by word-of-mouth, on the recommendation of existing clients who speak well of us.

The Publishing Engine for the New Millennium

Oakley Studio loves WordPress!Starting in 2007 we began using the WordPress platform to build modular template-designed websites for our clients. At that time WordPress was a modest newcomer to the world of content management systems, but over the years we’ve been pleased to see how it has continued to evolve into a very robust, flexible, secure platform that can serve many different purposes. WordPress has also become the “affordable” way to build a website that can grow with your business.

At it’s core WordPress is a blogging platform. We believe that your ability to tell your story over time will position you and your business as a trustworthy and attractive resource in your particular niche or industry.

Today it is estimated that WordPress powers more nearly 30% of all existing websites. Some are large corporate sites, but most are one-person enterprises or home-based businesses. The most successful small businesses are posting frequent updates to maintain a “converstion” and build a community of readers, users, and customers.

Your products and services gain “personality” through blogging. It’s how you let your wisdom and know-how shine brightly in a vast global internet universe. That attracts more visitors, visitors become subscribers, and subscribers become the market for your products and services.

Have we mentioned how much we love WordPress?

Oakley Studio loves WordPress! Blogging (short for “weblogging”) is the way to communicate actively with your audience, your clients and your customers. And WordPress is the most feature-rich, secure and popular blogging platform available today. Here at Oakley Studio we believe a weblog should be at the core of your web site, and we want to encourage you to embrace blogging as an essential part of your day-to-day business activity.

Our OS WordPress package includes

  • domain name registration or renewal,
  • web site and domain name email setup on our servers, and
  • six hours of one-on-one personalized tutorials with your webmaster to get you up and running fast!

Normally you’d pay more than $300 for these services… this package saves you $95. Check it out on our Pricing Page.

WordPress is the gold standard for blogging, with a clean and simple dashboard for every small business that wants to connect and build relationships with its clients and customers. Make WordPress the heart of your business.

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